Cassius Camps | Companies Programme Example
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Companies Programme Example

Outcome: Winning together as a high performing and competitive team.


  1. Enhance effective team communication
  2. Strengthen team relationships
  3. Increase awareness of individual behaviours, and how this impacts on the team
  4. Increase team support and encouragement in challenging situations
  5. Embed team and company values
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
ESCAPE THE ISLAND ADVENTURE – Challenge and assess team relationships and understand each other’s ability to challenge and support one another in a difficult and time precious environment. Team work and clear communication is essential. CLIFF HANGER CHALLENGE – Enhance trust and understand how you and your team cope in a highly stressful environment. Mentally very demanding.
Lunch Lunch Lunch
ARRIVAL AT ACCOMODATION – Relax as a team and get settled in. 4X4 OFF ROAD SELF NAVIGATION CHALLENGE – This challenge requires effective communication, will build new levels of trust, and complete focus is necessary at all times. This challenge is mentally demanding. ULTIMATE KAYAK EXPERIENCE – Become competitive as a team and build mental resilience, as you and your team are taken out of your comfort zone in this challenging and intimidating environment.
Dinner Dinner Dinner
CASSIUS INTRODUCTION TO ‘PUSHING THE LIMITS’ MINDSET – Welcome to the course and sharing personal and team goals. CASSIUS WORKSHOP – WINNING TOGETHER – Be inspired by a talk from a leading sports professional helping your team understand the importance of a shared vision and a unified mentality of ‘winning together’. PUSHING THE LIMITS AWARDS – DEPART FROM ACCOMODATION