Cassius Camps | Individuals
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“Pushing The Limits” Individual Programme

In such a competitive industry as sport, more and more high performing young talent is regularly lost in the system. We enable you to challenge yourself by completing a programme responsible for developing some of the country’s finest young sporting talent. This programme is known for its instant results and unlocks unknown performance levels by boosting all 12 of the Cassius Improvement Pillars, which in turn creates the Cassius ‘Pushing The Limits’ Mindset.

  • Stay in an exclusive luxury Cottage within 5,000 acres of privately owned countryside.
  • Compare your ability to top level sports professional on daily challenges.
  • Unlock and discover new mental and physical performance levels.
  • Consume highly nutritious food that has been specially developed by our nutritionists to complement your programme
  • Be inspired by personal untold stories from well-known sports professionals
  • All Inclusive

  • £949

Kit List

Item Qty Notes
Trainers: Indoor & Outdoor 1 of each Indoor: for wearing around accommodation
Outdoor: a pair with good ankle support, you don’t mind getting muddy.
Wet Activity Footware 1 Old trainers or wetsuit shoes. These shoes will get wet on a number of occasions.
Swetshirts, Jumpers, Fleeces 2 Fleeces are great as they are quick drying, but any of the others are a good substitute.
Training Bottoms 3 Lightweight jogging bottoms.
T-shirts, Longsleeve Base Layers 4 Aim for lightweight breathable tops – Club training tops are ideal.
Shorts & Swimming Shorts 2 of each Lightweight shorts, not denim.
Thick Socks, Hat, Gloves 2 of each If it’s cold outside, keep warm with theese essentials.
Flip Flops 1 Easy for wearing around the accomodation, also ideal after watersports.
Lightweight Waterproof Jacket 1 Lightweight, showerproof jacket would be suitable.
Towels 2 For use after swimming activities.


What time does the course start and finish?

You should aim to arrive at The Cassius Cottages for 15:00 on day one so you can settle into your accommodation and take advantages of this great setting. Pushing The Limits introduction will start at 18:00 Departure from Cassius Cottages will be after the Pushing The Limits awards which will be held on day six at 11:00.

Is the “Pushing The Limits” Individual Programme for me?

Professional athletes have been tested on this very programme. With that in mind be prepared to be pushed physically and mentally to your limits. If you choose to step out of your comfort zone you will discover and unlock new performance levels.

What is included in the price?

Accommodation in a luxury Country Cottage.
3 nutritious meals a day along with protein bar and shake supplements.
Full participant insurance.
Access to Swimming Pool and Gym.
Daily Physiotherapy sessions.
Expert safety professionals who are highly qualified in all the challenges you will encounter.
Sports Professionals who will educate you in developing a “Pushing The Limits” Mindset through untold personal stories.
Professional Sportman and women who will educate you on developing a Pushing The Limits Mindset through untold personal career stories.