Cassius Camps | Pushing The Limits
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Cassius Camps was born after founder Philip Ercolano brought 4 young, unknown footballers to the Lake District, to take part in an experimental training and development camp. They were all viewed as prospects at their respective clubs, and each set what appeared to be an ambitious goal for the forthcoming season: to make one first team appearance.

Drawing on a lifetime of experience working with high performing teams, and recognising the connection between mentality and performance, Philip and his team designed a programme to drive success. Using specific outdoor challenging activities, instant review sessions and life skills workshops, they created a programme to accelerate the mindset needed to perform at the highest level.

Fast-forward twelve months; collectively with over 70 first team games under their belts, picking up numerous national awards along the way, their combined value at the end of that first season was over £20m.

What We Deliver

We accelerate the development and performance of professional sports teams and individuals through adventurous and challenging 1-7 day training camps.

We take people out of their comfort zones. Through skilful review and reflection, people are able to turn the outcomes from the challenges and workshops into knowledge they can apply in their chosen sport.

Through replicating a sports competitive environment in the outdoors, our programmes deliver life- changing experiences. We focus on 12 improvement pillars, which in turn creates the Cassius ‘Pushing The Limits’ Mindset.


Cassius Improvement Pillars

Mental Strength

We will place you in extreme situations where you will continuously doubt your ability to succeed. When you accomplish our challenges, the mindset you will gain will be fundamental to the success of your future.

Physical Performance

Our challenges are facilitated to make you achieve performance levels that you never realised existed in yourself. We will make you see how much more you are capable of and push you to higher levels and beyond.

Team-Mate Relationships

Our wild and unique environment forces you and your team to build trust and respect at an accelerated rate. You will feel a new level of camaraderie and create bonds that will last a lifetime.


We will challenge you in extremely pressurised situations to see how you cope and lead your team. You will learn what is needed to step out of your comfort zone and confidently drive your team to victory


You will be placed in some of the most stressful situations you have ever been in. This will give you a feeling of how paramount effective vocal and physical communication is to success.


Our programmes make you see another person in the mirror. We eliminate self-doubt and create inner confidence so that you leave feeling that you deserve to succeed, you can succeed and you will succeed.


Our level playing field makes you realise how you behave, how you affect others and how much more you are capable of achieving. We will push you so you become aware of what it takes to become the best professional in your field.

Personal Brand

Our programmes help you build and define your personal brand. Each challenge will make you realise how you are currently projecting yourself and by the end of the week, our aim is to make you commit to a brand you feel great about.


The attitude of every professional on our programmes will inspire you to achieve higher performance levels. You will go away with a greater feeling of purpose and motivation like you’ve never seen before.

Career Life Balance

We make you realise the importance of a balance so you become even more productive at work and even more committed to the ones you love. After completing our programme, you will feel focused and inspired in all aspects of your life.


We will monitor you all the way through the programme and track your effort even when we are not looking. You will leave with a greater awareness of what it takes to be the best and become extra motivated to develop, even when people aren’t watching.


Our programmes make you aware of what makes up your beliefs and character. You will go away with a commitment to these values, which will play a fundamental part in shaping your career and life.