Cassius Camps | Individual Programme Example
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Individual Programme Example

Outcome: Increase individual performance.


  1. Increase self-belief
  2. Increase mental strength and endurance
  3. Enhance physical strength
  4. Increase confidence levels
  5. Create self-awareness
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
PUSHING THE LIMITS TEST – Build relationships while acclimatising to your new environment. Challenge and assess your current physical and mental output levels. CASSIUS WILD CIRCUIT – Drawing on inspiration from the evening discussion you will start to perform and behave like a champion on this physically demanding circuit. CASSIUS WILD BOXING CIRCUIT – Push through mental and physical barriers as you take on a wild boxing circuit designed to challenge top professional boxers and MMA fighters. THE CASSIUS CHALLENGE – Feel a sense of achievement by completing one of the toughest outdoor fitness courses. This course is designed to test all of your resolve and prove to yourself just what you are capable of! Mentally very challenging! PUSHING THE LIMITS RE-TEST – Put into practice what you’ve learned and create new levels of mental and physical strength. Embed your newfound ‘Pushing The Limits’ Mind-set.
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
ARRIVAL AT ACCOMODATION – Meet course participants and get settled in. EXTREME HILL BIKING CHALLENGE – Build fitness levels, mental endurance and increase your motivation on this mentally and physically challenging bike ride through some of the toughest terrain of the Lake District. ULTIMATE KAYAK EXPERIENCE – Become more self-aware and build mental resilience, as you are taken completely out your comfort zone in this challenging and intimidating environment. CASSIUS ADVENTURE DUATHALON – Deal with fast changing, consequential environments on a course designed only for those who are willing to push mental and physical boundaries. CLIFF HANGER CHALLENGE – Enhance trust levels, and understand how you cope and behave in a highly stressful environment. Mentally very demanding. PUSHING THE LIMITS AWARDS – DEPART FROM ACCOMMODATION
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
CASSIUS INTRODUCTION TO ‘PUSHING THE LIMITS’ MINDSET – Welcome to the course and sharing personal goals. CASSIUS WORKSOP – MINDSET OF A CHAMPION – Reflect as a group on the day’s activities while receiving a talk from a professional guest speaker on the ‘Mind-set of a champion’. You will begin to make positive decisions and take responsibility for your future. CASSIUS WORKSHOP – BUILD YOUR BRAND – Be inspired by a talk from an industry professional helping to create values allowing you to take responsibility for your personal brand. CASSIUS WORKSHOP – LEADER’S MENTALITY – Be inspired by exceptional people who lead top level professional sports or company teams to success. Take advantage of their success stories to help shape your style as a respected leader in your sport. CASSIUS WORKSHOP – SHAPE YOUR FUTURE – Reflect on the day’s activities while receiving a talk from an industry professional on the benefits of managing your life positively in areas such as wellbeing and money.